Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 19: Sabbatical

Recent FO’s:
Old Mystery Socks from 2010
Sutro Heights Hat
Honey Badger
Chemo Hat
Mock Cable Baby Hat
Mock Cable Baby Socks
Booga bag

TGV High Speed Knitting
Socks For Mom
Chemo Hat

Future Projects:
A Dinosaur

Blast From The Past:
Shrunken Appalachia Hat

Job Searching


  1. Very commendable - following your gut reaction! You did the right thing in keeping yourself and your license in the clear.
    I hope you are able to report your suspicions to the fraud investigation units sometime soon.

  2. I agree with Susan! You need to keep your values as well as do your work. Good luck. I have been "out-country" for a bit & did not know about the KAL - I shall look it up. I don't have the dinosauer patterns, but do have the monstor book.