Monday, May 5, 2014

Episode 38: The Yarn Room

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Recorded 5/2/14

My Project Page

Lillie Baby Cardigan
Red Apple Newton Socks
Becky's Wedding Shawl

Beth's Corn Socks
Delicate Vines Socks
Chemo Hat


Future Projects:
Aran Sweater
Ruffle Scarves


  1. Glad to see you! You sound a little better than you did the last. The thyroid ultrasound shouldn't take too long once they get started. When mine went bad it was awful so that can be some of your issue. Hope you get good news. Oh! Ask them to check your antibody levels too. The other two tests they do don't test for antibodies, you have to tell them to do it. That was the problem with mine, my antibodies were through the roof!

  2. Also glad to see you. I am sorry that you've had trouble sleeping; it can be a bear. I hope that the docs can figure out something for you.
    Keep the faith & try not to run yourself down - you truly do not deserve that!
    Good on the socks!